Monday, April 23, 2007

Powerball Odds - The Unrevealed Secret

There's a lot of confusion about lotto winning odds - especially Powerball. Some players don’t enter a Powerball game because they think the odds are too high... in the 100 millions most times.

They ask how could anyone win with those inflated odds.

Maybe an explanation is needed...

Let's take Powerball's winning odds, which is around 1 in 146,000,000.

Most people think they haven't got much chance with odds like that - a one in 146 million chance!

Not so. They're looking at it incorrectly.

The recent Powerball gave the odds at 1 in 146,107,962. If a player had only 1 winning number, that figure would be the true odds.

But what if the player had 2 winning numbers? The odds would then drop by 50% to 73,053,981. You could keep on working these odds out and seeing how they improve with the addition of every winning number:

3 balls - 365,269,90
4 balls = 18,263,495
5 balls = 9,131,747
6 balls = 4,565,873

But did you realize this is for the main prize? That's just one single prize. The most recent Powerball had over 480,000 prizes, ranging from the jackpot at $57 million to a $3 prize - in one game alone.

So the odds drop from 146 million all the way down to 1 in 68 for getting ANY prize.

While that's a massive reduction, it gets much better...

My Silver lotto System will increase your winning odds by 80%. That means in 8 games out of 10 you'll get a winning prize, based on my own calculations, experience and those of hundreds of my buyers.

Let's apply that formula to the 1 : 68 odds.

If you calculate 80% of those odds, it now brings them down to 1 in 13.

Wouldn’t YOU be more enthusiastic about playing Powerball now - knowing that your odds have plummeted from 146 million to just 13?

Get my PowerSpread System here and start improving your odds.

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